A novel future-looking SDR

The world’s first stable cryptocurrency to be backed by a decentralized basket of demonstrably collateralized store-of-value assets.

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What is Sovreign?

An agile, future-looking SDR comprised of a balanced portfolio of store-of-value assets.

What makes a balanced portfolio of reserve assets?
Boutique Currencies

Boutique currencies are currencies with independent monetary policy, backed by prudent economic theory.


Commodities are a powerful inflation hedge and are part of a coherent portfolio of reserve assets.


Established store-of-value cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are non-correlative assets.


PHATs is powering a new era of tokenized physical assets, allowing anyone to tokenize physical reserve assets.

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The global reserve asset system is broken.

The world needs a new future-looking global reserve asset that serves as a ‘store-of-value’ and medium of exchange.

Inflation on the Horizon
Inflation on the horizon

Excessive central bank intervention is leading to escalating inflation of traditional reserve currencies.

Store of Value to Reign Supreme
Store of value will reign supreme

Global trade will require stable and predictable store of value for exchange.

DeFi's USD problem
DeFi's USD problem

The DeFi space is dominated by USD-pegged stable coins. We believe a new stable asset backed by inherently non-inflationary assets can wean DeFi off of the dollar.

Sovreign is a new-age SDR (Special Drawing Rights).

Sovreign uses a dual token system. The SOV ‘store of value’ token and the Reign governance token.

SOV Token

Liquidity providers receive the SOV store-of-value coin backed 1:1 by demonstrably collateralized asset tokens.


The REIGN token is used by the community for governance, voting of portfolio composition, treasury actions and to act as a stability mechanism.

Stable. Decentralised. Inflation resistent. Not USD-pegged.

We believe only the decentralized community can curate an agile, future-looking basket of assets fit for global trade.

Underlying value of SVR token
A diversified basket curated by the Reign community
Set and forget your basket preferences


We believe that the community should be in control. Thusly, the majority of tokens will be issued to community participants as part of various participation programmes.

Total supply & initial supply
Total supply & initial supply

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